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2014 SXSWi LAM Proposals

on Thu, 08/22/2013 - 05:48

To shift the perceptions of libraries from a warehouse of books to dynamic places that celebrate ideas, we need to share library innovations far and wide with diverse audiences in unique formats. SXSW Interactive is a major annual gathering of thought-leaders and funders – “fostering creative and professional growth alike, SXSW® is the premier destination for discovery.” (Sounds a lot like the library!)

There are a slew of incredible submissions this year proposed by creative library and museum professionals. You can help put libraries, archives, and museums (LAM) at the forefront of this ideas-exchange by voting for LAM presentations in the SXSWi Panel Picker from Aug. 19-Sept. 6, 2013, at  Below is a list of sxswLAM panel proposals and well as sxswLAM-related panel proposals.  You can also do a search by keyword in the Panel Picker for “library” or “libraries”and there are dozens more. If you believe that librarian voices need to be heard, even if you’re not attending, we need your vote to make it happen at SXSWi 2014.

Here’s a brief blogpost that explains the logistics of picking a panel. You are required to create an account to vote.

sxswLAM Panel Proposals

Choose Your Adventure...Transforming Libraries (Aspen Walker)

Creating a Gig Library with Strategic Partnerships (Nate Hill)

Curating Serendipity in Online Music Communities (Paul Vinelli)

Destroy All Slimeball Consultants! (Carson Block)

Library Machines: a lo-fi design workshop (Jeff Goldenson)

The New Startup Garage for Innovation? Libraries! (Janie Hermann)

We Will Not Be Shushed: Guerrilla Library Advocacy (Lauren Comito)

How Fanfiction is Taking Over the Classroom (Heidi Tandy)

Igniting Action In A Digital Culture (Patricia Martin)

The Future of Book Clubs (Andrew Kessler)

Publish or Perish (Myrna Morales)

sxswLAM-related Panel Proposals

Can One Story Change the World? (Jon Voss)

Content Marketing & Libraries: A Perfect Match (Carl Flynn)

Digital Divide or Sinkhole? Tech Famines in the US (Sian Morson)

Everyone's a Curator: Do Museums Still Matter? (Kathryn Jaller)

Fear No Marker: Tools to Create Your Visual Story (Heather Willems)

Honk if you love library innovation (Sue Kriegsman)

How Creative Commons Is Changing Artists' Careers (Elliot Harmon)

I Arm Wrestled Stephen King - Blog To Book (Josh Hanagarne)

Libraries: Saving the Net Means No Exit Strategy (David Riordan)

Making Digital & Physical Experiences Seamless (Chaim Haas)

Museums and mothballs: reinventing the experience (Christine Renaud)

The New Book Publishing Industry: A Skype Talk (Calvin Reid)

On The Road Again: Touring Interactive Projects (Daniela Capistrano)

Opposites Attract (Stacie Slotnick)

Reducing Isolation in LGBT Communities (John Chrastka)

The Sense Event: Future of Immersive Entertainment (Derek Woodgate)

Tech + Art: Digital Innovation in the Art World (Leslie Wolke)

What could the library of the future look like? (Daniel Flood)

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